Odoo ERP. Business Management + Ecommerce

Online Store & ERP fully integrated

  • Today companies must be very efficient and manage well their resources to be competitive, which is why it is so important to the online store integrated with business management program, to avoid having to do the job twice and avoid errors in orders and inventories.
  • Stocks are synchronized in real time with the online store and POS of the physical store, thus avoiding the possibility of selling products that are no longer in stock.
  • Here we detail a few modules that make Odoo ERP fully integrated with the Odoo online store and to facilitate the management of your company or business.


CRM. Customers management, suppliers and contacts.

  • Allows the complete management of customers, potential customers and suppliers.
  • It allows you to define different categories or groups.
  • Mailings by category.
  • Full Integration between the online store and ERP.


Category management, products and stocks

  • Allows complete management of product categories, products, inventory control, pricing, images, storage and movement of products between warehouses.
  • Integration with online store categories and products.
  • Allows you to select products that can be sold online and those that can be sold in the physical store.


Order Management and Budget

  • Allows order management, budget management and turn them into orders, and invoicing.
  • Integration with online store orders.
    • When taking an order in the Opencart online shop, order is also generated in the Odoo ERP. It can also generate the bill and send it to the customer automatically.


Invoice Management Customers and Suppliers

  • It allows management of invoices issued to customers and received from suppliers.
  • Billing integration with the online store.
    • If the online store have enabled the option to generate the invoice, then it generates an invoice to the Odoo ERP with the following serial number and corresponding defined in the Odoo ERP. The system can also automatically send customer invoice in PDF format.


Supported and output VAT management

  • It allows management of the VAT output tax and supported for settlement of quarterly taxes.


Charges and payments management

  • Allows control at all times receipts and payments pending maturity dates, in order to make a proper company treasury management.


Bank accounts and movements management

  • Managing bank accounts and movements can be controlled and up to date, accounts and savings banks, and make the necessary movements to keep them square.


Sales point. TPV

  • It allows management of a retail outlet or physical store, keeping stocks always up to date.
  • It allows to cash or credit card with the same virtual TPV online store.